A new model for

building Companies.

Our Venture Building model combines scientific results exploitation with venture funding, integrating our business development skills with those of our partners.

Our purpose.

Bridging the gap between research and market through technology transfer is hard. Really Hard.

To build a great deep tech startup is even more so.


It requires market timing, domain expertise, end-user approach, data science reading, great execution and a little luck.

We do it never losing the vision of the future we want to build and in which we want to live.

We invest everything we have in your success, always animated by the unstoppable spirit of those who are result-oriented.


Check out why the business development actions we provide are so important to foster your growth.

Venture Building. How we do it.

Our innovation, legal, finance and marketing teams allow researchers and founders to keep their eyes squarely on the technology development.

We take care of the business and management tasks.

01 – Identifying the Business Ideas

To make sense of what

we are trying to achieve.

It’s time to develop research projects exploring different ideas and prototype concepts.

02 – End-users Pain Points and Design Thinking

Because founders often launch something

that people simply don’t need.

We put an idea through its paces, testing customer demand, business model, technical feasibility, market dynamics, corporates and investors interest.

If the product doesn’t meet the market needs, we “Pivot” to concepts.

03 – Creating a strong Value Proposition

It could be a good idea.

It could be YOUR good idea!

Our team of innovation managers, product designers, engineers, marketers and company builders is ready to turn a validate concept into a real marketable product.

04 – Startup & Fundraising

Smart capital and extraordinary team.

Funding is the lifeblood of an early-stage company. We get the startup off the ground, with public funding and venture investors as fast as humanly possible.

Venture Building. Ongoing projects.









What our Partners say. Share the Love.

I met Day One during a meeting at the University of Sannio. On that occasion, I presented our idea, our patent, our first prototype. We understood soon that we needed each other.
By combining efforts and skills, we could go straight to the achievement of a common goal: working on technology transfer, or rather, make business.
We accepted the challenge, and set the plan to raise the necessary funding to start the company.
From that moment on, terms as "cash flow", break even point, equity-free, COGS entered my vocabulary by right. Market researchs, legal documents, business plans and pitch decks, were created to arouse the interest of various venture capital companies with which we closed several funding rounds.

Armando Ricciardi - OFTEN Medical

For us entrepreneurs it is a giant step to understand the rules and processes of EU’s grant system. It is a threshold because once you have learnt how to do it it’s much easier. We applied for grants within the Horizon 2020 SME programme three times. With the help from Day-one the third time we were successful. What we then appreciated was the after-sales service they provided us with, because there was a lot of administration that was difficult to cope with.

Hans Thornell – Enchandia Marine AB

On the plus sign I mention the serious effort to understand the project and the valuable contributions for the project presentation. Day One was not just a Service Provider as One of the Team

Marcos Teotónio Pereira

For a team of researchers is hard to understand the mechanism behind the fundraising and the business development of a startup project. I've rarely seen a similar professionalism, patience, precision and work organizzation. Thanks to them I really understood what to become a startupper means. Thanks guys, you have now become dear friends.

Jonata Puglia, Leaf Space

The CEO of Day One Paolo De Stefanis and his team are explosive tech-thinkers, able to understand the potential of the project and enhance its strengths to facilitate the technology transfer. Work with Day One is a fun and educational experience. They makes me feel like I'm part of the Team!

Alfredo Bonaccorso, University of St. Andrew, School of Chemistry

Day One believed in my business idea and supported my journey of personal growth.

Paolo Trucillo, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Salerno

Day One is a reliable partner for any tech transfer project. They understand the technical aspects, and complement my knowledge in the necessary.

Luca Bartolini - 2SIGNAL