About | Day One - Startup Studio
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A Startup Studio,

born deep tech.

We are the missing link between scientific research, technology, ventures and market needs.

We love to innovate, to build, to change, to evolve.

Day One is a Startup Studio aimed at launching innovative companies from Technology Transfer projects.


Our mission is to promote the development of deep tech

startups and spin-offs from European research initiatives

and pioneering universities, transforming disruptive

technologies into marketable products.

We are constantly looking for innovations that enhance

scientific research and have a disruptive impact on

business and society, making it safer, healthier, more

sustainable and inclusive.


A project, a journey, an experience, a love story…

everything starts with a Day One!

Investing in technology transfer and innovation.

We have acquired an extensive expertise with the

management of EU funded research and innovation


Our aim is not only helping you with the

grants, but become your partner to turn ideas into

structured R&D projects with clear market-oriented


Day One’s speciality is the knowledge of the full

cycle of innovation management.

Check out our Venture Building model.

Results. More than numbers.



Since 2013, we got more than

€80M for technology transfer

initiatives through private and

public funds, enabling

founders to translate scientific

knowledge into competitive

products and deliver successful

solutions to all the world.


Ideas Killed

We only invest in projects we

strongly believe in. More

often than not, an idea isn’t a

viable business.

We can say “no” to several

opportunities, but you will

always know what to do to

make us change our opinion.

Startup Studio. Differences with other models.

Take a 360° walk in our stuD1o!