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    A project, a journey, an experience, a love story… everything starts with a Day One, and every day one is empowered with enthusiasm, hope, vision, and passion. We are there to nourish this energy, especially for those who want to change the world with their innovations.

    Day One has the ambition to make it possible and accelerate the development and market access of innovative ideas, products, processes, and whatever can have an impact on our personal or professional life.

    We do this working shoulder to shoulder with researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers, crazy inventors, fully embracing the Open Innovation philosophy.

    Our doors are open to everybody, who have access to a full range of services to understand the potential of a new idea, to discover the enterprises which can benefit from it, and to find private and public investors ready to financially support the product development.


    We believe in Innovation, the one that everybody can touch in the daily life, and we are there to make it real.

    We believe in the actual meaning of the words “Excellence” and “Quality”, beyond what Marketing says…

    We believe in honesty: what you see is what you get, and we only work on the arts we master.

    We believe in People, and in their talent.

    We believe that our Innovations should improve people’s life. We don’t care about what deals (even remotely) with weapons, wars, any kind of discrimination, and which can potentially harm animals and the environment.


    Day One Model

    Partnership is the keyword. We invest our resources in the first phases of a project (discovery and funding) - no fees nor payments by anybody for getting the project up and running. We may say “No” to some ideas, and we’ll tell you why and what to do to turn it into a “Yes”. But when we say “Yes”, we work shoulder to shoulder with you until the project is up and running.

    If the project takes off and gets funded, we are onboard, and we are the co-captain: we support you in the Project and Product Management, the Business Planning (the real one, with in-field validation of the assumptions – no fake numbers), and the Marketing Strategy.

    We follow the product until it gets to the market, and when this happens, we are keen to participate to its success, either through the participation to a Start-up company, or by getting royalties from the product revenues, or through a Joint Venture.

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Who We Are






Do you already know how powerful your business idea is? Do you know how to develop it and how to finance it? We are there to back you up in the identification of your innovation's strengths and weaknesses, and to find the partners and the funding you need to realise your dream. Click on the icons below, discover our 4 activity areas, and find out what we can do for you.

We help you shaping your idea

Ideas and new technologies are in everyone’s hands or dreams. We have friends and collaborators everywhere: be they researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, common people.
We are eager to hear about any new development, or concept, coming from every part of the world, and what we can do for you is:

Focussing the product concept. The perfect shape for your idea. Did you talk with the intended end users? Are you addressing their needs? Are you discovering new, unexpressed needs? Are you aware of all the barriers to overcome for your idea to reach your clients? We help you shaping your innovation idea, through a direct contact with your expected customers, so that you can build your product just like they would desire it!

Planning the R&D and engineering work. The seamless implementation of your idea: how far is your product from the market? Have you completed the R&D work? What about the product design? We can define together the receipt for hitting the market, only when you have the highest chances to succeed.

Planning the go to market strategy. What do you want to get out of your idea? Are you willing to commercialise it? Is a start-up company what you have been dreaming of? Do you want someone else to get your product to the market? We can support you in devising the optimal go-to-market approach.

Now it’s time to fuel up the car

Cash is the fuel to turn your ideas and dreams into a profitable business; we leverage both private and public investments, depending on the maturity level and risks associated to the proposed idea.

Public: When it comes to public funding sources for supporting R&D and engineering activities, Day One is able to map all the existing calls at European level, especially focussing on the Horizon 2020 and Cosme frameworks. What we do is to literally shape your project idea around the target call, building up the project team with top-notch scientific and industrial competencies. Our people is quite experienced in doing this, and we keep improving!

Private: We are building our links to business angels, private equity, and banks. If your business plan is sound, these channels will be all ears!
Let’s get it done!

Now that we have the fuel, we start the engine and drive the project to its goal. We love to put all the pieces together, supporting the project partners in the day-by-day management of the project activities, led by a market (and users’) oriented approach. As you can see from our business model, we do this with one vision: the project success. This means reaching results which are concrete, commercially exploitable, and available to the community.

Excellence is the key to success, and this often means to open the collaboration to best-in-class players. This is true for the R&D activities, but also for building up your product value and supply chain. While our core competencies are in Project and Product Management, Innovation Management, Business Plannning and Marketing Strategies, you can find in our growing Network all the expertise you need to design and implement your project.
Straight to the market

Every project delivers a result, even the unsuccessful ones. In this phase we study all the possible applications of the developed project, and the most effective go-to-market approach. Should we start up a company? Should we license the results to someone else? Is a Joint Venture between the project partners a viable solution? Is any of the project results exploitable in other, previously unseen, applications? Depending on the chosen route, it is possible to ignite another round of funding, through the “Deal” phase.





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