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2021 / Netherlands

Robust proteins for biomedical applications. Incircular allows stabilization of 3D structure of proteins through an innovative technology, called in situ cyclization of proteins (INCYPRO).





Protein engineering results in poor protein activity.

Proteins employed in industrial, medical and biotechnological context are subject to conditions that significantly differ from their native and three-dimensional structure.


Stabilization through cyclization.

INCYPRO technology will provide a universal solution to the problem of stabilizing proteins and enzymes for biotechnology and biomedical applications. The protein will be more stable with minimal modification, but the function remains unchanged.

Ask Saskia

Can you tell us how

INCIRCULAR was born?

Our start up name originated from a very technical fact that relates to the way we calculate the positions of the three cysteines we use to stabilize our proteins. “Incircle” is the largest circle that can be contained in a given triangle. From there it then became “Incircular”.

Can you tell us how


We met DayOne through a colleague at the VU University Amsterdam. We heard about what an amazing job Paolo did for a grant they were applying for. We then had a video chat and were immediately convinced that we could work well together.

What Top 3 Tips

would you give to

future innovators ?

1)  You need to be absolutely convinced of your innovation but also know its boundaries.

2) Realize that you need support so that you can concentrate on pushing the innovation in the right direction. Surround yourself with an excellent team with motivated people.

3) Don’t forget to enjoy the time and transport that feeling to the team and your partners.