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2023 / Italy

A fingerprint of light on your identity. ENIGMA is suitable for a wide range of different products, from medical to pharmaceutical, from luxury goods and food to documents and art.





The anticounterfeiting challenge.

Governments and brands are constantly looking for new methods to face the evolving counterfeiting market. Although many technological solutions have been tested over the years, it is still a challenge to effectively protect personal identity or products by making them uniquely identifiable.


A novel technology based on nanostructured materials.

ENIGMA features the first system providing a unique identification code with an unprecedented level of safety, ease of use, and low price.

Ask Anna, Alessandro, Carlo and Sonia

Can you tell us how

Enigma was born?

The Enigma concept came out from the results of a proof of concept funded by the European research council focused on the feasibility of realizing innovative systems for the protection of personal ID documents. After the design of the first prototype, we were aware of the potential of our solution also for the protection of other products to effectively fight the spread of counterfeiting.

Enigma Team

Can you tell us how

Enigma met DayOne?

We started collaborating with Day One in 2020, before the ENIGMA concept was conceived. From there on we have always been supported by Day One especially in identifying the most promising markets and it has led us to develop an unbreakable bond with the company.

What Top 3 Tips

would you give to

future innovators ?

Create a team with people who share your values. Innovation is constantly evolving, be ready to change and question yourself! Don’t jump to the solution, focus on the problem first!