2016 / Italy

Private EV charging made simple. DazeTechnology offers a range of products and services for charging electric vehicles in private sector and, to a lesser extent, public EV charging applications.





Recharging issues.

The global electric car stock expands to almost 350 M. units by 2030. Technology is evolving fast on the vehicle’s side but the user experience is almost completely unaddressed with recharge process being cumbersome due to infrastructure challenges, risk to forget to charge the vehicle, encumbrance around the vehicle and parking area restrictions.


First fully autonomous charging process.

The system for electric vehicles guarantees maximum comfort of the charging procedure, high efficiency standards and low costs. The user just has to park the vehicle inside the area dedicated to recharging, the robotic system takes care of the rest.

Ask Andrea and Giacomo

Can you tell us how

DAZE was born?

Daze is an innovative SME that started as a startup in 2016 in Bergamo, born from our idea, passion and experience in the industrial and technological sectors. Our goal is to facilitate the world’s transition to electric cars  and the use of more sustainable energy  in general, by offering to our customers accessible and easy-to-use charging products and energy efficiency systems. Daze has a presence in Italy and Europe, with offices in Bergamo, Paris, and Madrid, and a team of 65 people.


Can you tell us how

DAZE met DayOne?

In 2018, we met Dayone while seeking funding, leading to a collaborative win of the Smart and Start grant by Invitalia and the Horizon 2020 EIC Accelerator Pilot, marking the start of a strong partnership! Our joint success not only secured crucial funding but also forged a lasting relationship a built on mutual respect and shared business and finance goals. Today, we continue to maintain an excellent rapport, leveraging their combined strengths to navigate the business landscape and capitalize on opportunities for facilitated finance and growth.

What Top 3 Tips

would you give to

future innovators ?

1. Create something the customers really want: do not try to anticipate trends with something nobody wants, it will be frustrating and useless.
2. Persist persistently: without persistence nothing happens.
3. Failure is a Learning Tool: the key to success lies not in avoiding failure but in embracing it as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and iterate. Each setback offers invaluable insights that can refine your approach and enhance the potential of your next endeavor.