Health, Bioeconomy and Agri-food

Innovation Area

Healthcare technologies

  • AI-driven tools for early diagnosis;
  • point-of-care diagnostics;
  • novel approaches in cell and gene therapy, in particular for cancer;
  • development of novel biomarkers for clinical prognosis, patient stratification or monitoring purposes across a wide spectrum of disorders;
  • bioprocessing 4.0;
  • (digitalisation across stages of biodevelopment in biotech/biopharma industry);
  • healthcare intelligence services; and e-health (including mobile health) solutions for healthcare systems;
  • medical practice and Intensive Care Units;
  • biocompatible smart materials.


Food tech, alternative proteins, agricultural biotechnology

  • New Farming Systems, indoor, outdoor, farm automation;
  • Alternative proteins, cultured meat, insect, algae and novel vegan;
  • Agricultural biotechnologies, breeding, genetics, microbiome research and applications, synthetic chemistry;
  • Midstream technologies, food safety & traceability tech;
  • Bioenergy and biomaterials non-food extraction & processing and feedstock technology;
  • innovative technologies aiming at reducing post-harvest losses and at increasing the product shelf-life;
  • Innovation in packaging and sanitizing processes for food and material.