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Creating positive change
through entrepreneurship.
This is our story.

From 2013, we strive to turn the most innovative technologies developed by European researchers into real marketable products.

Day One invests in researchers and high tech startups following a 3-step approach:

  • Market Validation

    Our network of medium-sized and large enterprises helps us validating the product concept proposed by researchers as well as its market creating potential. This is Open Innovation!

  • Fundraising

    Together with the startup team, we define the product development roadmap and the budget to implement it.
    We work together with a network of international investors eager to support the best business opportunities, and we are also good at financing our startups through public funds as the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

  • Business Development

    The same companies that contributes to the validation of the product concept can become early customers of the startup, thus closing the loop from idea to the market.

If you want to innovate, change everything!

We work with you to streamline your business idea and to find the money you need to make it real. Click play and find out how we work!

Our model. Partnership is the keyword.

When we decide to support a project, be sure that we’ll commit to realise it.
We only invest in projects we strongly believe in. When we team up with you, you don’t have to pay anything upfront.
We only work on a succes basis: we get our compensation only if we achieve your objectives.
We say “no” to several opportunities, but you will always know what to do to make us change our idea.

Always in search of incredible.

We love technologies that have a disruptive impact on the business and on our society, making it safer, healthier, more sustainable and inclusive.
We are happy to meet researchers and startuppers who are developing technologies in the following areas:

meet the team

Engineers, chemists, businessmen, lawyers, biotechnologists, sociologists…
A Noah’s ark of people with different stories and background, sharing a common vision: create new and innovative businesses.

And we are also great table tennis players: come here and challenge us!

Paolo De Stefanis
CEO & Founder
Cristiano Verzaro
Business Development & Partner
Cristiano Panfili
Investment Manager & Partner
Francesca Petrucci
Innovation Manager
Anna Joukova
Innovation Manager
Teresa Lavecchia
Innovation Manager
Gianluca Giordani
Marketing Manager
Stefano Gay
Innovation Manager
Who is the next (Day) one?